Tips to Follow When Visiting a Strip Club

Have you been anticipating that night where you and your best buddies finally visit a strip club? You have probably heard all the stories of exotic performances and mind-blowing acts that made men go wild. Whether you wish to celebrate a big occasion or get a little naughty with Australia’s hottest babes, a strip club is always a fun choice. If it is your first time visiting such a place, here is what you should take note of.

Order Some Drinks

You will definitely miss out on a grand experience when enjoying the sight of beautiful babes on stage without a drink in your hand. Just like any other establishment, the last thing anyone could do is leech off services. A club is not a place that offers free seating, it is housed with the finest bartenders ready to serve their customers with quality drinks.

Treat the Dancers to a Drink

In order for both parties to be satisfied, it is always proper for clientele to treat the ladies right. If you happen to see a sexy vixen who piqued your interest, offer to purchase her a cocktail and she can return the favour with interesting chit chat or maybe that lap dance you have always been anticipating.

Strippers Love Conversation

Working as a stripper has its perks, since it allows her to learn different kinds of topics everyday from customers. If you have always been wanting to pour your heart out about your passion for golfing, culinary arts, or whatever interests you, strippers will be there to listen. Who knows, maybe these lovely ladies have something exciting to talk about as well.

Tip the Ladies Generously

It is common courtesy to tip a girl when in a strip club; the more tips a stripper receives from you, then the more likely she will gladly entertain you or even get naked. It is often advisable to tip personal services, such as lap dances. However, you should not force your hands and money in places. Just allow the lady to take initiative in deciding where to place the tip.

Harassment Will Get You Kicked Out

Yes, you will be entertained with sexy acts, but take note that strip clubs usually come with a no-touch policy. Strippers are not there to look for romantic connection. They might even have day jobs, a family, or even a relationship, and aggressive acts towards them will make them feel harassed, which is the last thing you should do in these clubs.

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