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Tips to Follow When Visiting a Strip Club

Have you been anticipating that night where you and your best buddies finally visit a strip club? You have probably heard all the stories of exotic performances and mind-blowing acts that made men go wild. Whether you wish to celebrate a big occasion or get a little naughty with Australia’s hottest babes, a strip club is always a fun choice. If it is your first time visiting such a place, here is what you should take note of.

Order Some Drinks

You will definitely miss out on a grand experience when enjoying the sight of beautiful babes on stage without a drink in your hand. Just like any other establishment, the last thing anyone could do is leech off services. A club is not a place that offers free seating, it is housed with the finest bartenders ready to serve their customers with quality drinks.

Treat the Dancers to a Drink

In order for both parties to be satisfied, it is always proper for clientele to treat the ladies right. If you happen to see a sexy vixen who piqued your interest, offer to purchase her a cocktail and she can return the favour with interesting chit chat or maybe that lap dance you have always been anticipating.

Strippers Love Conversation

Working as a stripper has its perks, since it allows her to learn different kinds of topics everyday from customers. If you have always been wanting to pour your heart out about your passion for golfing, culinary arts, or whatever interests you, strippers will be there to listen. Who knows, maybe these lovely ladies have something exciting to talk about as well.

Tip the Ladies Generously

It is common courtesy to tip a girl when in a strip club; the more tips a stripper receives from you, then the more likely she will gladly entertain you or even get naked. It is often advisable to tip personal services, such as lap dances. However, you should not force your hands and money in places. Just allow the lady to take initiative in deciding where to place the tip.

Harassment Will Get You Kicked Out

Yes, you will be entertained with sexy acts, but take note that strip clubs usually come with a no-touch policy. Strippers are not there to look for romantic connection. They might even have day jobs, a family, or even a relationship, and aggressive acts towards them will make them feel harassed, which is the last thing you should do in these clubs.

If you are looking forward to the best night of your life, the Candy Club which is located in Brisbane comes with the hottest dancers, quality drinks, and amazing party packages that will make your stay memorable.


Getting a Job as a Stripper: What You Need to Do

The best strippers Fortitude Valley has in store are fantastic individuals with great personality and amazing dance skills. They are people who have the talent and know-how in making sure that everyone has a great time. Furthermore, they have bodies that seem to have been sculpted by the heavens.

Needless to say, even a good number of celebrities started their careers as strippers. Lady Gaga, Dita Von Teese, and Catherine Zeta-Jones are just some of the bright stars who are proud of their steamy job history. It’s no surprise then that many hope to follow in their footsteps.

If you are one of the many who wants to work in the adult entertainment industry, here are a few tips to give you an extra boost over the competition.


As an adult performer, your job is basically to entertain people. And you won’t be doing it just for individuals, you could be dealing with a large crowd. These are people who are looking for a place to have a good time and even explore their fantasies. Therefore, you have to learn how to carry on an interesting conversation. And one easy way to do this is through talking more about the client rather than focusing on yourself. Show your interest by asking questions and listening. The more people you talk to, the more sociable and likeable you can be.


Hit the gym and work out to achieve a lean physique. You do not have to look like comic book heroes but you need to look your best always. Since the lights are on you when you’re on stage and customers will be ogling, you want to make sure you look your most attractive self. You also have to build more strength and energy. Working that pole and entertaining people for several hours is a lot tougher than it looks. You might also need to stick to a stricter diet.


The finest strippers Fortitude Valley offers are women with personality and individuality. You can create your character then find outfits that showcase that individual. Look for lingerie and bikinis that flaunt your assets and are flattering. Of course, be prepared to be flexible in adopting a certain persona or character and to come in costume if a client or event requires you to.


Now that you are physically and mentally prepared, you have to set your eyes on scouring for an agency or a strip club that’s hiring. There are dozens of agencies and adult clubs around Australia that are looking for new dancers and performers. Take note that you will most likely have to try out and show your stage skills. You do not necessarily need to have a dancing background or experience, although it does help a lot. If you can practice a routine and be willing to learn, that can boost your chances too. Sometimes, confidence and spunk can make up for what you lack in dancing.


As an adult entertainer, you are fulfilling the fantasies of your clients. So, there are chances that you might get unexpected solicitations and proposals from random strangers. Nevertheless, there is a policy against this. You mustn’t also forget that you are there to work and not to find romance. Furthermore, if you get celebrity clients, remember to never take stolen photos of or with them. These and more rules apply in almost every strip club. Just ask other performers for an overview of the rules.

To be one of the best strippers Fortitude Valley has, you have to be daring and brave. A career in adult entertainment is not an easy one. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself thoroughly, and make sure that you remain positive. It also helps to look for an employer who can take good care of you and help you achieve your potential.


Get Wild at Fortitude Valley’s Exotic Strip Clubs

Looking for a place to experience some real fun? If you are into some kinky action with the hottest men and women of Fortitude Valley, you are in luck! Here, in The Valley, there are an array of strip clubs that will make you experience the greatest night of your life. From exclusive rooms to nude dance parties and so much more, these strip clubs Fortitude Valley has in town will give you nothing but excitement that will make you crave for more.

Here is a list of strip clubs you can visit in Fortitude Valley:

1 – Number 29 Cruise Club

For those men who want some hot action in a gay bar, Number 29 is bound to give you an amazing experience. Hop on a cruise and get naughty with some of Fortitude Valley’s sexiest heartthrobs. It comes with a “suckatorium”, meat locker, dark room and other kinds of lounges where you can get involved with the kinkiest action.

Number 29 comes with an entertaining chill-out lounge that comes with a pool table if you wish to play. Not to mention, there is a fun foam party that makes the experience even naughtier. Number 29 Cruise Club is located at 29 McLahlan Street, Fortitude Valley Queensland 4006.

2 – Eye Candy Adult Bar

Spend a night with great music, amazing drinks, and the sexiest babes of Fortitude Valley. Here, men can enjoy the company of seductive strippers dressed in appealing bikinis. Get naughty with the strippers as they give you a private lap dance, full nudity if you desire. If you wish to throw a bucks party for your friends who are getting married, this is a great place to do so where the buck gets dances and a healthy bar tab. Don’t forget to catch their promo girls to get special deals. Eye Candy Bar is located at 249 Brunswick St., Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

3 – Love and Rockets

Last but not on the list of strip clubs Fortitude Valley has in the market is Love and Rockets. If you are looking for entertainment, Love and Rockets is the place to be. Experience a night of full pleasure with exotic dancers or get a little steamy with private shows and a lap room. There are special deals that include personal service and a set of drinks, just to name a few.


Choosing the Best Strip Club to Visit

Australia has no shortage of adult entertainment to while away your typical Friday night. There’s your fair share of pubs and bars where you can knock back a few drinks and chat with your boys. Escort services are also readily available for when you want to take things up a notch. But if you want to make the most of your time, adult lounges are the perfect places to go.

Of course, they are a dime a dozen these days especially in major cities like Brisbane. That’s why you’re going to have to choose wisely where you’re going to spend your money and time, so you won’t have any regrets. Ideally, you should head over to only the best strip clubs in Australia, but do you know how to tell which they are?

Well, here are a few tips on how to pick an excellent venue for your evening of pleasure:

  • Look at the packages

If you’re planning to go with friends, it would be a wise move to get a package. The best places offer VIP treatment to groups, so you could possibly get seats with beverages included at a reasonable price. There are also deals for special occasions, like bachelor parties, but you’ll need to contact the establishment beforehand. Often, you’ll be able to get complimentary amenities along with the basics for a more memorable night.

  • Go for diversity

It is said that the top gentlemen’s clubs have international dancers. There should be women from all over the globe with each of them showcasing the natural beauty of their home countries. If you are interested in admiring ladies of a particular ethnicity, you should have little to no trouble finding them at the best strip clubs in Australia.

  • Ask about private booths

Partying in an adult establishment is a very enjoyable experience, but spending time in a special zone for VIPs? That would be a lot more awesome. But not all places have these booths, so you should be on the lookout for them before you visit. Maybe you should drop by their website to glean information about such amenities or services.

Sometimes, going to a gentlemen’s club is more than just entering the first one you can find. It can also be about picking the best ones, so you can have a truly enjoyable evening with beautiful ladies and delicious drinks. We hope that the tips we’ve shared with you will help you find the perfect venue for you and your friends.